Stop saying, “I’ll just stop.”

We all need help to break a destructive cycle.

Therapy for Addiction in South Bend, IN

“This was the last time.”

How many times have you collapsed into bed at night with that vow?

But that very next day, you went right back to whatever you were trying to stay away from.

It could be alcohol, prescription drugs, narcotics, or marijuana.

It could also be compulsive pornography use, the casino, or even an abusive partner you’re still helplessly in love with.

Think about the terrible impact…

…that substance, person, thing, or activity has taken on your life.

You’ve hurt or destroyed relationships.

Your finances are in chaos.

You’ve lost your focus and your ambition at work.

Your physical and mental health are on the brink of collapse.

You know all this.

Maybe you didn’t before, but something’s happened to open your eyes to the full devastation of your situation.

So why haven’t you quit yet?

The problem is, you’ve held onto the illusion of control for too long.

It’s not your fault that willpower doesn’t work.

Being addicted means you’re struggling with a brain disease, one that hijacks your thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to manipulate you into pursuing that quick hit of dopamine.

So, when you say things like “just this one more time” and compromise your morals and good intentions all over again… that’s not you talking. 

I’m here to tell you some very good news.

You can overcome your addiction.  

It’s a disease, yes, but it’s one that can be managed.

You can change your thoughts. You can change your feelings. You can change your behaviors.

You can have a happy, fulfilled life from here on out.

It isn’t easy, and it requires vigilance and support, but it can be done.

But it can’t be done alone.

Let me help you recover.

If you’re ready to change, don’t wait — ask me for that help now.

Call me at (574) 276-7306 or email emily@freedomrecoverysb.com to learn more about my approach to treatment.