TeleHealth Therapy

Maybe you’ve got a busy schedule.

Or the idea of coming into an office to discuss your problems seems overwhelming.

Or maybe you just don’t live anywhere near South Bend!

If any of those describes you, I offer convenient, HIPAA-compliant telehealth therapy services.

I can tell you that video sessions are a safe, confidential, and extremely effective way to do individual therapy.

I am also a Board Certified TeleMental Heatlh Provider, which means I use the most up-to-date, secure technology to conduct our sessions. I have advanced training to hold myself to the highest ethical and legal standards when it comes to communicating with you electronically.

Find healing through secure, HIPAA-compliant video sessions for individual therapy. Call me today at (574) 276-7306 to discuss if telehealth therapy is right for you.

Outpatient addictions treatment is not appropriate for individuals currently experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and/or physical and psychological effects as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. They will require medical supervision and possible detoxification treatment. A consultation is required to see if group therapy is the best fit for your needs.