Substance Abuse Assessment

Sometimes the choice to begin treatment doesn’t exactly feel like a choice.

People can find themselves in all kinds of situations that require them to be evaluated for a substance abuse assessment.

After an arrest.

During divorce proceedings.

An incident at work.

Hearing the recommendation of a treatment professional can be a critical reality check.

It can help you make important decisions about your health and future.

During a 90-minute appointment, I will collaborate with you on a complete biopsychosocial evaluation, including your substance abuse history.

I also do assessments for anyone who senses their using or drinking is causing serious problems in their lives.

Getting an assessment doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be recommended for treatment.

However, if it appears that treatment would be helpful, I will discuss options with you following the appointment.

Clients can request that a written clinical summary be sent to the referral source of their choice within three days of the assessment.

Substance Abuse Assessment Pricing
$185 per assessment (includes written clinical report)

Getting an assessment can be the critical first step towards reaching out for the help you need. Call me today at (574) 276-7306 or email me at emily@freedomrecoverysb.com.