Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Sometimes you aren’t embarking on a recovery process or navigating a major life transition.

Instead, you may be struggling with a specific issue or problem that has you feeling frustrated, confused, or stuck.

A difficult conversation with your spouse that you don’t know how to approach.

Consistently trying and failing to adopt a healthy new behavior.

Feeling like you’re caught in the middle of someone else’s drama, when all you want is to escape.

While it’s true that some problems stem from deeper root causes, the key to resolving your confusion and uncertainty may be simpler than you imagine.

But it’s hard to see solutions now, trying to solve it on your own.

Maybe you’ll need some coaching in assertive communication. Or guidance about how to restructure how you think about a dreaded situation.

Perhaps you’ll need to build motivation and focus to achieve a goal.

There’s an incredible power in gaining a fresh perspective and new skills from a supportive, objective person.

I offer an intervention known as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).

As its name suggests, SFBT is future-focused and emphasizes solutions, rather than the origin of the problem. Goals are made clear and concise, and a plan of action is created right away.

As a therapist, my role in SFBT is not to “solve” your problems, but to help you clarify, develop, and achieve realistic solutions quickly, which you can feel confident about implementing.

I conduct SFBT via a series of 3-6 individual therapy sessions. We can do SFBT either in person or by secure video chat.

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