Therapy isn’t a magic wand.

It’s a collaborative process that takes motivation, focus, and time. It’s also a financial investment.

Traditionally, therapists charge their clients “by the hour.” They don’t provide any incentive or reward to those who are committed to their recovery and the treatment process.

In my experience, clients who commit to one or more months of treatment are much more likely to attend their sessions and complete their programs successfully. Regular sessions also keep them accountable and on track with their recovery.

I consider it a win-win to offer treatment packages to those who are ready to make a commitment to positive change in their lives.

I also include group therapy as part of the cost of individual therapy, to boost the work we do in individual sessions.

For pricing and full-service descriptions, please click the header on each service listed.

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy for adults. Most of my individual clients attend weekly until they’ve met their goals. Others come biweekly, or twice weekly.

Group Therapy

I offer four different recovery groups throughout the week, and all are open and ongoing. An initial individual session is required to determine if group is the best fit for you.

A note about insurance:

I don’t take insurance, but if your coverage includes out-of-network behavioral health benefits, I’ll provide you with documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Outpatient addictions treatment is not appropriate for individuals currently experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and/or physical and psychological effects as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. They will require medical supervision and possible detoxification treatment.