Narcissist Recovery Group

This eight-session group meets Thursdays, 9:00am-10:30am

Group runs from November 7 – January 16 (excluding holidays)


To begin the registration process,  please fill out the contact form below or call Emily at (574) 276-7306


You’re not crazy — although being involved with a narcissist may make you feel like you are!

While he or she may have made you feel incredibly special and loved at the beginning of your relationship, you came to dread the narcissist’s emotional abuse — making you feel terrible about yourself, denying he’s done anything wrong, then begging forgiveness by the time you vow to finally leave.

Led by Emily Sussman, LCSW, this group will help you

  • Learn the characteristics of a narcissistic personality to understand that it’s not your fault
  • Empower yourself to break the cycle of emotional abuse
  • Identify your relationship patterns and how to avoid the same red flags
  • Gain support and encouragement to focus on healthy relationships

Get the strength, support, and education you’ll need to stop obsessing, break free, and finally live your life again.

It’s a sign of strength to accept the help that will guide you forward and past the pain. To register or for more information about the Narcissist Recovery Group, please fill out the contact form below or call (574) 276-7306.