Life After Codependency Group

This six-week group meets Mondays, 5:00-6:30pm (starting 9/23/19)

Group is free for clients currently enrolled in individual therapy; 

$25/session for non-clients


We all have our own way of managing or detaching from a toxic relationship.

For some, anger is the overwhelming emotion, blocking communication and provoking flare-ups of rage.

For others, feelings of sadness and hopelessness make it impossible to envision any sort of happy future.

Some try to mask their pain behind daily substance use or compulsive behaviors.

Don’t try to go through this alone.

Regardless of the circumstances, the end of a relationship — no matter how problematic it was — can be one of the most emotionally painful experiences a person can endure.

This period of grief and anger can also be unpredictable.

We can try to be “strong” all day long, but our mental and physical health — as well as the course of the rest of our lives — will depend on how well we navigate this difficult recovery process.

Wouldn’t it feel good to talk to people who will not only support and encourage you, but also truly understand what you’re experiencing?

The Life After Codependency Group is for anyone in pain, confused about how to feel, and where to go from here.

Our group is a safe place to process painful emotions, as well an opportunity to gain the healthy perspective that’s essential for healing.

In this group, we learn to have compassion for ourselves and find acceptance for our new circumstances. We also encourage each other to begin embracing and embarking upon a fulfilling new future.

It’s a sign of strength to accept the help that will guide you forward and past the pain. Call (574) 276-7306 to learn more about the Life After Codependency Group and how it can help you.