Family Therapy

You’re motivated to start or sustain your recovery.

But you’re concerned about your family members or partners triggering your addictive cycle, undoing all your hard work in therapy.

Or, you’re the parent, spouse, partner, or child of an addict.

You’re relieved that your loved one is finally getting help, but you’re still unable to trust him or her, feeling anxious and upset every time a text goes unreturned.

You’re not sure what “enabling” versus “tough love” versus genuine support looks like. You want to be able to communicate, but you’re terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, you’re far from alone.

The terrible power of addiction can transform an entire family.

Even generations of families — often without anyone realizing the extent of the damage.

There’s deep trauma on all sides of the family that must be addressed before healing can occur.

Family therapy in addictions treatment can work on several levels: improving communication, providing education about the recovery process, resolving deep conflicts, and strengthening relationships.

But it can only happen when the family is motivated and ready to take care of themselves.

To be successful, it will take a willingness to listen, to be open-minded, and to be receptive to change — on the part of both the addicted person and his or her family members.

Family therapy sessions can be a critical element of anyone’s recovery process.

Family Therapy Pricing and Packages

  • $135 per family session (60 minutes)
  • $450 for a 4-session commitment
  • $850 for an 8-session commitment

Please note that regardless of commitment length, full payment is due at the time of program enrollment. Partial refunds will be granted if the family elects to stop their sessions no more than ten days after their first session. In the event a family is unable to finish their program, they have up to six months from the time of the last date of service to continue the duration of their sessions.

Get support and healing for you and your family members now. Call me today at (574) 276-7306 to discuss if family therapy is right for you.

Outpatient addictions treatment is not appropriate for individuals currently experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and/or physical and psychological effects as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. They will require medical supervision and possible detoxification treatment. A 60-minute individual session is required to determine eligibility for our programs.